Monday, 14 July 2014

Homesick/Immigration: First steps in a new country


                                              First steps in a new country

Buy a "Go card" from a News Agency
(To travel by bus. To buy tickets in the bus is very expensive)

Apply for a Transport Concession Card
(For university students. Must be shown together with the student card)

Open a bank account

Register with Centrelink
(To receive all the government allowances)

Apply for a taxi file number
(To be able to work)

Rent a house or unit

Buy furniture
(Cheaper in garage sales)

Register with Medicare

Register with Private Health insurance
(Depending of your visa requirements)

Errol your children in school

Errol yourself at an English course

Take driving lessons
(To learn how to drive on the left side of the roads and transport rules)

Apply for a driver's license

Apply for professional skills recognition

Apply for professional board registration

Apply for professional association affiliation

Find a good church

Find a good GP

Find a good dentist

Seek for places and activities where you can make friends

To get information about theses documents and where to apply for, go or call a Centrelink office, or an Australian Taxation Office (ATO)

You can request free translate and interpreter services by phone or personally

You can also ask at Centrelink for the list of organizations which offer free counselling support sessions for new arrivals in case of crises, depression, stress, domestic violence, child abuse, etc 

Mrs Glaucia Barbosa,
PACFA Reg. Provisional 25212 
MCouns, MQCA(Clinical)  
ABN: 19 476 932 954

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