Create your Genogram or Family Tree / Crie sua Arvore Genealogica

                                       Why create a family tree?

        The genogram or family tree is an important tool to learn about family roots, as well as the family emotional attachments and patterns of relationships for two or three generations (Fong, 2004).
         It is specially important for those who immigrated without extended family. When people are living overseas, the need to belong is enhanced, thus, drawing the family tree is an exercise which allows the immigrant partially meet the needs of attachment and control, which are some of the basic human needs. This will consequently reduce loneliness, decrease stress levels and improve well-being (Grawe, 2007).

         For clinicians, it is used in assessment and treatment plan facilitating the client's disclosure of feelings regarding family relationships. (Fong, 2004).

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Image: emotionalrelationships


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Fong, R. (2004). Culturally Competent Practice with Immigrant and Refugee Children and Families. New York:The Guilford Press.

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