Helpland Community Education Project: Health Information Sessions


Community Education Project


  Toowong Chiropractic Centre
 Community Education Project

Project developer and Coordinator: Glaucia Barbosa 

Advisor/Clinic Director: Dr Adam East

Team: Professional Health Practitioner and Counsellor from Toowong Chiropractic Centre

Project location: Toowong Chiropractic Centre - Level 1/15, Lissner Street, Toowong

Dates and times: The information sessions will be provided in the waiting room on evenings when the clinic is not used by clients. Dates and times will be scheduled by the clinic director and coordinator.

Project goals:

  • Raise community awareness about emotional environmental, genetic and physical/nutritional causes of health conditions, as well as its impact on the individual's well-being, work and relationships.
  • Pass on information about treatment, management and coping skills to deal with emotional and physical symptoms of disorders.
  • Improve community well-being.
  • Improve credibility of our services by providing information with an evidence based approach.
  • Establish a good network with other health professionals by inviting them to participate and share their knowledge and experience in the information sessions.

Project Mission:

  • The project aims to accomplish its goals through the provision of information sessions and dialogue with the community.

Expected outcomes:

  • Meeting the community needs regarding information on prevention, management and treatment options for a variety of conditions.
  • Make the clinic and our services known by the community and other health professionals and counsellors.
  • Develop a meaningful relationship and cooperation with other health professionals and counsellors.

    Mrs Glaucia Barbosa,
    PACFA Reg. Provisional 25212 
    MCouns, MQCA(Clinical)
    0410 955 514
    ABN: 19 476 932 954

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