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       Women's Migrant Support Group
History of this group
Our Women's Migrant Support Group started in September 2009 as a
ministry of the Salvation Army Lake Community Church in Forest Lake

with meetings once a week in the church and became an independent

work having the meetings once a month in my house for one year. In

a home environment, we became extended family for each other. The

group grew in knowledge and understanding about the settlement

process and in how to deal with all the feelings associated with

immigration through the delivering of information and psycho

education by the facilitator, guest speakers and members.

The members also developed friendship and love to the point that we

started a roster having the meetings in the participant's houses as

well. More than just acquiring information, offering their houses to

host the meetings and sharing their delicious traditional food during

the meetings in the afternoon tea time, this group has been sharing

their hearts by even helping each other in moments and needs in the

daily life. This is an open group with a limited number of 10

participants at a time, and every new member is always received with

respect and love. This group is making a difference in many lives.

Who can attend the Support Group Meeting?
Our Support Group meeting is designed for all migrant women above

18 years old, who came to Australia to live here permanently or for a

short period of time and are facing difficulties in dealing with any

issues related with moving to and living in another country.
What happens in our Support Group?
Within a Support Group meeting they will find out that everyone is at
a different level of their adaptation in the new country. Some will have 
histories to tell about their journey and their trials and tribulations 
which can be an example, an encouragement or an inspiration for the 
new arrivals. During the Support Group meeting, the women can

realise they are not alone and many share a common goal. They can

learn strategies on how to overcome feelings such as fear, anxiety,

depression or loneliness in a new country. They will understand a bit

more about this hard but normal process of settlement in a new

country. Whilst the group is therapeutically beneficial, the purpose is

not to provide counselling support, intensive psychological, or

psychiatric support or therapy. We provide information, and do try to 
focus on finding positives in situations and helping one another to

manage and overcome problems.

        Cost: Free

       More information and bookings:

       Glaucia Barbosa: 0410 955 514 or helplandcentre@gmail.com 


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